A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction: A World of Possibilities

Welcome to the future of empowerment! If you are new to the blind community or the world of computers and smartphones, you’ve found the right guide. We’re here to debunk the myth that losing sight means losing touch with the world. In this Technological age, learning how to use a computer and smartphone isn’t just possible for the blind and visually impaired—it’s essential. Let’s explore how assistive technology like Screen Readers can bridge the gap.

Steps for Computers: A Journey of Independence

The following steps will guide you or your loved one through the exciting process of learning how to use a computer with a screen reader:

  1. Get Equipped: A computer and a standard Windows keyboard (external keyboard recommended for laptop users).
  2. Install NVDA: Download and install NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), a free screen reader, by visiting this link.
  3. Learn the Keyboard: Master the keyboard for effective navigation. Need guidance? Watch my YouTube video that teaches key positions, finger placements, and tips for quick learning.
  4. Explore Windows: Learn to navigate the Windows interface with the NVDA screen reader. My teacher, Mrs. Brathwaithe, was the one who prepared me to help you like this. You can visit her YouTube channel and Website for simple tutorials.
  5. Discover More: Dive into in-depth tutorials on applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more! Go through my YouTube videos and transcripts for further learning and inspiration.

Steps for Smartphones: Embrace Mobility

Ready to make the most of your smartphone? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the Screen Reader: Depending on your OS (Android or IOS), install the appropriate screen reader. IOS users can use Voice Over, while Android users can download Talk Back or use Samsung Voice Assistant for Samsung phones.
  2. Explore and Review Apps: Once familiar with your screen reader, explore my App Review videos for apps specially designed to assist blind and visually impaired users.

Your Journey, Your Pace

That’s it! You’re now equipped to enjoy all the features your computer and smartphone have to offer, just like any sighted person. Remember, learning takes time and patience, and I’m here to assist you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or for additional support.

With these tools and your determination, a world of opportunities awaits you. Enjoy the journey, and embrace the empowerment!

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